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Students Testimonies

There are hundreds of student who have passed out with flying colors - Speaks about their experiences

Venkteswara College is an excellent plateform where student is nurtured. I am blessed to be a student of VCE

Ritika Trehan (B. Ed CRSU 2015-17)

In my life I have found certain boons, VC (Venketeshwara College) is one of them. I love and admire the systematic way of their working, professional approach and down to earth behavior with an essence of helping others even if they have to go out of the way to help their students.

Nalini Mishra (B. Ed MDU 2016-18)

It has been a wonderfull experience with this college. B.Ed from MDU 2018, I am really contented with its excellent teaching style, helpful atmosphere, good infrastructure.

Mohita Kapoor (B.Ed MDU 2015-17)

I still remember the day when I joined Venkteshwara College, I feel the drastic change in me. Now I can conclude myself a groomed personality and can move in a society with confidence and self esteem.

Shalini Gupta (B.Ed CRSU 2015-17)